Body awareness reduces stress. The Grounding App helps you focus on 10 regions of your body while doing traditional healing exercises.

The yoga routine includes the Tree Pose on left and right legs, the Warrior Pose, the Cat Pose, the Cow Pose, and the Downward Dog Pose. The tai chi routine is just the first intercept-neutralize-push of the first posture of Chen Tai Chi repeated on the left and right sides alternating. The chi gong is the "holding a tree" posture.

The 10 body locations practitioners are taught to spend time feeling are the feet, the knees, the tailbone, the sacrum, the belly, the heart, the throat, the eyes, the top of the head, and above the head. These correspond to the 7 Chakra positions plus the feet, knees, and above the head. However, no technical jargon is used.

Controls on the screen allow the user to rotate the view between front, left side, back, and right side. Another control selects the avatar(s): male, female, male and female together, male and male together, and two females together. When a female avatar is present, the voice calling out the body region is female; otherwise it is a male voice.

Another control selects the posture or exercise. These include yoga, tai chi, chi gong, walking backwards, walking forwards, standing still, sitting down, and lying down. The ten body locations are called out and indicated on the screen for 12 seconds per location while the practitioner engages in the selected exercise or posture.

The upper-right button starts a 17-minute routine which goes through all the exercises from complex to simple (yoga to lying down). Each exercise is done for 2 minutes, enough time to go through the 10 body regions for 12 seconds each.

This app is free of charge and is available for iOS (Apple Mobile), Android, Windows 10, OS X, and Apple TV.




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