The Grounding App says "Grounding is staying in touch with yourself and with the Earth." Other people are the social ground, so you have to be in touch with other people, too.

Being in touch with yourself doesn't just mean knowing how you feel in your heart, or how you think in your head, but how you feel at all 10 levels of your body and being (feet, knees, tailbone, sacrum, belly, heart, throat, vision, crown, and above your head). Why all these levels? Because humans are multi-dimensional and each level contains so much useful information.

You will know your limitations better (physical, mental, emotional, environmental) and know when it is safe to stretch and grow. Staying in touch with feeling helps you choose foods better and say no to other people's helpful suggestions when they are not really true for you.

Sometimes we get caught up in living and go with the flow until we are in over our heads and just need to stop and unwind. The Grounding App is great for that. Just turn it on and scan yourself inside as you calm down. You will miss fewer of the details of your situation when you cover your entire body levels instead of just checking into your head and heart.

Staying in touch with the Earth is a difficult task these days, because there is so much warfare, disease, and environmental damage. Isn't it depressing? But being aware of the basic flows of materials and functions of how the world works is the more neutral and functional way of grounding with the Earth as well as yourself.

The Grounding App helps you stay in touch with your multiple truths so you spend less "time away" from yourself.


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